Your personal online space to research, sketch, dream, and implement your vision for a fulfilling, rewarding career. Because finding your life‘s work shouldn’t be your life’s work.

What is My Career Design Studio?

My Career Design Studio is your online space to discover, clarify, and unlock your inner strengths, values, goals, preferences, vision, and the contribution you want to make in your daily life. Once you’ve identified all the pieces, My Career Design Studio will guide you step by step through the process of combining them into a fulfilling and meaningful career.

Much like a mosaic artist, you’ll arrange and organize these pieces, highlight the features most important to you, and evaluate different paths with different potential futures. Then, once you’re satisfied with your career mosaic design, you’ll get the practical help and proven strategies you need to implement your design in real life – and start enjoying the rewarding career you always dreamed of.

What Will I Get Out of Working with My Career Design Studio?

The activities you complete in My Career Design Studio will help you in three critical ways. First, they’ll reveal and clarify exactly what you want from your life and career.

Second, they’ll unlock your full personal potential, and help you steer clear of any self-defeating mental or emotional roadblocks.

And third, you’ll get the specific tools and practical strategies you need to transform your career and life dreams into reality. You’ll discover how to:

Career Ideas

Focus on what you do best, or what you most love to do

Hit your career target

Clearly define your career goals

Search and find your ideal job

Create an effective job search strategy

learn through gamified play

Mine your professional network and personal connections

career desk chair icon

Explore organizations to see if they are a good fit

my career design studio curriculum

Create a compelling resume


Unlock the full power of LinkedIn


Prepare for an interview with confidence and poise

Career Feedback and Coaching

Negotiate your salary and benefits persuasively

My career design studio is cost effective

and much more.

Best of all, you don’t have to go it alone.

As in any good design studio, you’ll enjoy the support of a dedicated career design assistant. They’ll help nurture your career vision, and keep you on task and on schedule as you complete your design. Your assistant also will keep you positive, motivated, and moving forward, and help you overcome the doubts and uncertainties that can arise alongside any new endeavor.

What’s more, you can keep taking advantage of the help and support you get from My Career Design Studio even after you land your next job. You’ll find additional activities to track your career accomplishments, create new quarterly or annual goals, and more. You also get convenient storage to keep all your career-related documents organized and at your fingertips. In short, you’ll enjoy all the help and support you need to succeed at every stage of your career journey, whether you want to take a minor career detour, return to the workforce after some time away, or justify a promotion to your supervisor.

And finally, you’ll create an actual work of art while you design your career. With each activity you complete, you’ll earn a mosaic tile for a design that will slowly reveal itself as you complete your career design journey. You’ll need to finish every activity to see the final message!

My Career Design Studio is based on the latest motivational, positive psychology, and neuroscience research. It puts into your hands all the tools and support you need to define and achieve the perfect career path for you. And it will help you stay motivated and engaged while you overcome obstacles along the way.

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Is My Career Design Studio for Me?

There is no one strategy that works for everyone and despite what you may have heard, one size does not fit all! The assessment below can give you insights into whether My Career Design Studio will work for you.

happy woman creating her career

Additional questions to ask.

How committed are you to finding work that brings you joy and meaning?

The reason so many people are disengaged at work is because the process of finding work you love requires patience and persistence. In the short run, it is often easier just to accept the first job offer you get. Are you ready to chart your own course or are you hoping that the answer will be handed to you?

Are you willing to set aside time to work on your career design?

To design your career, you’ll need to carve out the space to sit down and work! Although Career Design Studio is an engaging and user-friendly process, you’ll need time and energy to work on it.

Are you comfortable with online software?

Online programs aren’t for everyone, which is why the free 7-day trial can help you see if this program’s for you.

Are you ready to try it out?

Getting Started with My Career Design Studio

Are you ready to design your career and your life? Click on the “Design My Career” button below to activate your free 7-day trial. Once you create an account, My Career Design Studio will give you a short walk-through, and you can get started with your first activity.

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Time to create your career

Schedule a consultation to find out the best way for you

Do you want to talk with someone to see if My Career Design Studio is right for you or if you would be better off working either with a group or one-on-one with a career consultant? You can schedule time with Dr. Ronda Ansted, creator of My Career Design Studio and career consultant through Be the Change Career Consulting.

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Getting More information About Career Design Studio

Do you have enough information to try My Career Design Studio? Click on the “Design My Career” button below to activate your free 7-day trial. Once you create an account, My Career Design Studio will provide a short walk-through, and you can get started with your first activity.

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