Hello fellow traveler!

So glad that you’ve connected with your NPCA family so we can support you as you transition back and start building your career. Even without a pandemic at your back, navigating your re-entry and your job search is much more than writing your resume and figuring out how to talk about your Peace Corps experience.

This moment in time is also about navigating an emotional roller-coaster and making sure that you are moving towards a career that you love that supports the life you want to live. You probably joined Peace Corps because you wanted to make a difference, so let’s make sure you are creating a career where you can also make the kind of contribution you want to make.

Your NPCA Global Re-Entry Membership gives you access to My Career Design Studio where you can coach yourself to do exactly this. When you sign up, you’ll be automatically enrolled in a “virtual workshop” (an interactive email series) that will help you to coach yourself to a fulfilling career, overcome obstacles, and celebrate your successes.

Your future awaits!

Once you’ve clicked “Submit,” check your email. If you don’t see something from me ([email protected]), it may have ended up in your Promotions tab or Spam folder. Please add my email address to your contacts to keep this from happening.

Remember, you are not alone and you can do this!


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